Save hundreds of pounds and the planet with battery storage solutions

Our energy storage solutions are designed to help with PV consumption, off-grid solutions, load shifting and back-up power. We offer a range of systems from the industry giants leading the way in solar battery storage technology.

Many homeowners are installing solar power to reduce energy bills and help protect the environment, and a battery storage system lets you take that step much further. You will be able to store your own surplus energy for use at any time. This gives you, as a homeowner, a practical solution to reduce energy bills even further and have a back up power supply in case of an emergency.

Devon Renewables is an independent, family run business who are fully qualified to supply and install a range of brands and products to suit your needs. This means that we are not biased towards one supplier, and can give you options for the best products to suit your individual needs and requirements.

Based in South Devon, we cover Devon, Cornwall and the surrounding areas which means we are local and available for you to contact should you have any questions or any further support after your installation has taken place.

Why choose battery storage?

We can help you save hundreds on your energy bills and reduce carbon emissions for the planet with an efficient battery storage system.


Save Money

Store your energy to use at times of peak demand 

Renewable Energy

Link your renewable energy solutions to your battery storage and store power

Charge your EV

Use your stored energy to charge your electric vehicles at your home

Make Money

Store excess energy to sell back to the grid. 

Frequently asked questions

What are BESS?

BESS: Battery Energy Storage Systems are rechargeable batteries that can store your energy from different sources to be utilised at a later time when needed.

Why should I consider battery storage?

Reduce your energy costs and reduce your reliance on energy companies, non-renewable fuels and generate a reliable and balanced energy supply for your home or property.

What are the benefits of home storage?

The benefits will depend on a number of factors, but the main benefits will be the ability to store excess solar-generated energy from your solar system or energy sourced from the grid to be used at a later date. This stored energy can be used for free so if you don’t have solar, you can take advantage of storing energy from the grid to use when charges are higher.

Do I need a large amount of space in my home for battery storage?

No. Most domestic systems are designed to be either wall-mounted or ground mounted but do not take up much space at all and can be installed in a garage or cupboard.

I don't have solar, can I still store energy?

Yes. You can use home storage systems to store energy taken from the grid at off-peak times to be used when normal energy useage would be higher costs.

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