SOLAR PANELS: the future of home energy solutions

Are Solar Panels the answer to rising energy costs?

With the cost of energy and living rising exponentially, solar panels are becoming one of the most popular choices for renewable energy for homeowners and business alike across the UK. Investing in solar panels and solar energy brings many benefits including reducing your reliance on the national grid, saving you money on the cost of your energy. lowering your carbon footprint and increasing the value of your home.

Devon Renewables is an independent, family run business who are fully qualified to supply and install a range of solar solutions to suit your needs: This means that we are not biased towards one product or supplier, and can give you the best solutions to suit your individual needs and requirements.

Based in South Devon, we cover Devon, Cornwall and surrounding areas which means we are local and available for you to contact should you have any questions or any further support after your installation has taken place.


Why choose solar?

Protect yourself against the rising cost of energy

Obtain energy independence

A truly renewable energy source

More sustainable then fossil fuel energy sources

Frequently asked questions

Will solar panels work when it's cloudy?

Yes. Solar panels work in all weather and do not need constant sunshine or a south facing roof to work effectively

Do I need a large roof to have solar?

Solar panels can be fitted to your roof or land and a genereal 8 panel system for the average household easily fits on the roof of the average 3 bed semi.

Can I use my solar panels in a power cut?

Solar systems generaly have safety features installed in case of power cuts to protect people who may be working on the grid, but you can have back up systems installed so you can use them in the case of a power cut.

Can I go off-grid with a solar panel?

No. Solar panels work during daylight hours so you would either need an alternative energy source or a battery storage solution to be able to come off the grid completely. We can help you with this! 

Can I charge my electric car with a solar panel?

Yes. If you’re charging your vehicle during daylight hours, if you want to charge your electric vehicle overnight then you will need a solar battery.

How long do solar panels take to install?

Most domestic solar systems will only take a day or two to install with minimal disruption.

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